Star Street Capital Group™
Helping Celebrities and Investors Succeed through Joint Venture Partnerships™


Managed by a team of experienced investment professionals, Star Street Capital Group™ manages and operates celebrity based venture capital funds, focused on investing into projects in the entertainment field and in other industries, in a partnership with top level celebrities.

Star Street Capital™ expects to, improve upon the ideas developed by Charlie Chaplin, for the United Artists Corporation, with the intention of allowing celebrities to control their own interests rather than depending upon the powerful commercial studios and agencies.

Allowing investors and corporate partners to work directly with celebrities, while circumventing numerous third parties, lowers risks and generates higher returns for both sides. Our team of professional fund managers, provides simple and standard fund management services, supporting such investor-celebrity direct partnerships, while providing numerous additional benefits and services to our partners.

The ideas behind Star Street Capital were originally developed nearly a hundred years ago, and the great changes that are taking place in the entertainment industry have enabled this vision to become a reality; and whats more: the creation of direct investor celebrity partnerships should now be considered a necessity, to provide investors and celebrities an equitable way to share in the profits.

One of the main values for celebrities, in such a structure, is the ability to produce many more of their own productions, while maintaining a higher level of creative control and to also gain access to an additional, previously untapped, source of investment capital for their entertainment projects and for projects in other fields, in industries as variegated as real estate development and luxury consumer goods; anything that a celebrity might wish to launch, to endorse or to get involved in.

The value of such a structure for the investors, is the ability to select specific celebrities, whose brand value they consider to hold the highest profit making potential or with whom they have always wished to work with, and also the ability to circumvent a number of layers of middlemen that otherwise they would have had to work through, in order to work with a specific celebrity, thus saving tremendously on the costs and the overhead expenses.

Star Street Capital™ helps celebrities to maximize their profits and go gain a greater level of independence, and assists investors to generate significant returns on their investment, while working directly with major celebrity partners.

Bringing maximum value for celebrities and celebrity investors

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